Cryptos with biggest communities

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cryptos with biggest communities

While Ethereum still boasts the largest developer community working on the network, these other blockchains are catching up. On's Website one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. thanks to a dedicated community and creative memes. Bitcoin continues to lead the pack of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, user base, and popularity. Other virtual currencies such as Ethereum. BTC QUAD PENDANT USA

By joining this group, you can gain insights into interesting ICOs, way before the public gets to know about them. Cryptosignal This group has around members and offers great analysis into upcoming ICO projects way before they hit the market. This can be quite profitable since it allows you to get into high potential ICOs at a great price. Slack There are a number of groups that you can join on Slack and gain deep insights into cryptocurrencies.

Some of the best among them are as below: Hashtag Investing. Although it has seen rough times , it was and is a beautiful illustration of the fact that community is the single most important element in establishing value, no matter what it is that brings that community together. Dogecoin probably has one of the highest levels of community enthusiasm of any currency.

When it started out, no one thought they were going to get rich from it, so the community developed a culture of freely passing the coins around. As it turns out, this ended up supporting the value more than tight-fisted hodling.

The community has also donated Dogecoin to charity, sponsoring digging wells to provide clean drinking water in Kenya. Lisk Lisk also has appeal for the open source and development community with its approach to software development. There are regular giveaways to supporters, and the Lisk community is known for focusing on real improvements rather than whining about price movements. Decentralization is a major issue for many in the crypto community, and while other projects are gradually working towards decentralization, Lisk is already there.

This participatory governance structure is already paying off in terms of community participation. The support base is truly in love with Nano, and it seems like Nano supporters may have the same single-minded obsession with their favorite crypto that Bitcoin supporters once had.

This was enough to buy food to feed dozens of people. With actions like this, the Nano community shows itself to be a role model for the whole crypto community. EOS has grown in 1 year to having the single most active code repository of any project in crypto and one of the largest social media followings, as well. Ethereum The things you can theoretically do with Ethereum are virtually limitless, scalability aside.

This makes Ethereum a favorite with developers. Since Ethereum hit the scene in a big way well after crypto had achieved awareness in the mainstream, some of the early investors were well connected in finance and business, and have consequently been helping to fund tons of Ethereum infrastructure projects.

Ethereum does for many software developers what Bitcoin once did for anarchists and libertarians—it inspires an almost religious glow of excitement. One Ethereum developer estimated that Ethereum had 30 times more developers than the next biggest blockchain project.

Ethereum also scores big points for the creation of the Ethereum Community Fund. The fund was created by a number of startups working with the Ethereum blockchain to help finance promising projects looking to build infrastructure on Ethereum. Bitcoin The gold standard of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin probably still has the strongest community of supporters both qualitatively and quantitatively. Countless experienced and highly intelligent members of the crypto community are still big on Bitcoin—the love affair runs so deep that some wax poetic and compare Bitcoin to Paris.

This contrasts to a lot of newer projects out there, where the creators are clearly keen on making money and allot themselves hefty pre-mines. There is, in fact, a causal link. Many of the newcomers among the top coins, however, have built supportive communities on the basis of financing, rather than a group of starry-eyed idealists.

The economy of Bitcoin is already bigger than that of many small countries, so digging in and supporting a cryptocurrency is kind of like staking a digital claim and becoming a citizen of a new, virtual country.

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