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israel corp better place

Israel's trailblazing electric car company Better Place announced today that it is Israel Corp., controlled by billionaire Idan Ofer. 1. Moving from vision to execution – “Agassi was a good fit for vision but not for day-to-day management,“ a source close to Israel Corp, the. This brings Israel Corp.'s investment in the troubled electric car venture to $ million, out of the $ million raised in five years. CRYPTO LICENSE CISCO

He was a central character in Start-Up Nation, a bestselling book about Israel's high-tech industry, he was named to Time Magazine's list of the most influential people in and became a fixture at international conferences such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Israel Corp. Agassi persuaded French car maker Renault to make a customized electric version of its Fluence sedan.

A worker cleans an electric car outside the Better Place headquarters in Tel Aviv. It was not immediately clear what would happen to the company's cars and charging stations. Only about 1, Better Place cars are on the roads, and the company ran into trouble with investors. Last October, Agassi was forced to step down, and the company never gained its footing. Reached by the AP on Sunday, Agassi declined comment.

Better Place claimed to be the first nationwide network of battery-swapping stations. Other countries, such as Germany, have public networks of charging stations, while in other places, travellers typically recharge their vehicles at home. There was the issue of "range anxiety," the fear of some that the batteries, with ranges of about kilometres, or miles, would conk out in inconvenient places.

Others balked at the price. Sunday's announcement left many questions unanswered, especially what will happen to its cars and charging stations. Better Place has also installed a network of stations in Denmark and has operations in Australia, the Netherlands, China, Hawaii and Japan. Several hundred workers in Israel are expected to lose their jobs, and stunned customers said they did not know whether they would be able to continue driving. In its court motion Sunday, Better Place said it was seeking the appointment of a temporary liquidator.

In light of its failure to raise additional funds, the company asked for the court's assistance in protecting the rights of its employees, customers and creditors. The battery alone in an electric car costs as much as a new gasoline-powered car, and electric vehicles are not selling nearly as fast as once projected. General Motors expected to sell 60, Chevy Volts globally last year, but sold just half that many.

Sales of Nissan's all-electric Leaf grew 22 per cent around the world last year to 26,, short of Nissan's projected 50 per cent growth. The Model S electric car received a near-perfect rating from Consumer Reports around the time that the company that made it, Tesla Motors, posted its first quarterly profit.

The price of Tesla shares has almost tripled this year, and its Model S sedan got a near-perfect rating from Consumer Reports in May. The company, whos elargest shareholder and co-founder is the SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk, is currently fighting lawmakers and auto dealers in North Carolina over the way it sells cars to customers. The state senate has passed a bill that would oblige Tesla to sell cars through dealerships, which it does not currently do, opting instead to sell its cars directly to customers online.

Unlike other car manufacturers, Tesla allows people to view different car options in a showroom but they must order the car direct from the company online rather than from a salesman. This is a rather "convenient" reason because as the Wall Street Journal reported, it follows a pattern among other startups in which founders are replaced at the helm by managers in order to oversee growth.

Unclear future — while Better Place has made impressive progress so far with networks deployed already in Denmark and Israel and trials going on in Australia, China, Hawaii and California. Better Place also ordered , cars from Renault, its model Fluence ZE, the only one now that runs on the switchable batteries provided by Better Place, and is committed to buy them by For example, in he said that the company will sell a few thousands cars in , and more than , cars in Unlike other companies with similar rosy forecast problems , here the CEO has to pay the price.

Its multiple interests include a stake at the Chinese car venture Qoros Auto, which plans to develop various models, including plug-in hybrid ones.

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