Astrological prediction for bitcoin

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astrological prediction for bitcoin

Bitcoin will only change the world economy until April 26th, From that point it either vanishes, or people no longer care as they once did. Altman is an influencer who rose to online fame (in part) for creating content that combined astrology with cryptocurrency predictions. “Bitcoin will have served its purpose as a prototype and trailblazer.” The astrological signals, says Monahan, foretell that Bitcoin will remain. ETHEREAL URN HUNTER

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Did the creators of Bitcoin know astrology?

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Vpl soccer betting rules Two other important dates for this crypto horoscope are those which see the conjunction in the same sign of the zodiac of the harmonious Venus with the warrior Mars, a time when love and finance are in full swing. Astrologers future predictions for cryptocurrency The threat of a ban looms over cryptocurrencies and we have already discussed it. She soon learned about psychological astrology and planetary cycles. Does that guarantee higher prices? Well, we leave it to you to decide whether you are a believer or not.
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Rightpath investing in real estate Bitcoin was blindsided when Elon Musk broke up with bitcoin over a tweet. According to Bitcoin astrologers, the position of celestial bodies is one of those factors. During this time, Bitcoin holders need to be very careful. Explorers still use these techniques to find their way home when other equipment fails. Astrology, like high technology, is ruled by the eleventh house and Aquarius. She usually charges a few thousands dollars for doing explainer videos about them. But, even though it has had much success as the first decentralized digital currency, some haters have trolled its lack of cybersecurity.
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Us pga 2022 betting tips And so, after the phenomenon of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings, as one of the expressions of tokenomics, and all the subsequent events such as the emergence and development of DAOs, Decentralized Finance DeFithe explosion of Non-Fungible Tokens NFTsand new categories such as play-to-earn and the metaverse, all may find a major boost to their affirmation in At this writing, we predict that Bitcoin, which excels in both inflationary and deflationary environments, will stake its claim as the preeminent alternative global reserve asset for individuals, corporations and nation-states alike, astrological prediction for bitcoin prediction which is supported by unambiguous astrological markers presented within the Bitcoin grand cardinal cross horoscope. He had posted a breakup meme titled bitcoin and a broken heart post, and then bitcoin dipped 4. So different generations will respond to different planetary chords. Follow Matthew Swann on Twitter blackswann Astrology tracks the movement of the planets in our solar system and purports that they reflect or indicate current events.
Trading in forex tips blog Does that guarantee higher prices? Astrology tracks the movement of the planets in our solar system and purports that they reflect or indicate current events. Astrology is a practice loosely defined as studying celestial objects to predict earthly events. And notably, the same thing is happening astrological prediction for bitcoin finance: greater accessibility of information, the ease of using apps, and the sense of something that was previously limited to a small elite being opened up. During the summer of and the writing of the Aquarian Technocalypse, a discovery was made surrounding the birthdates of Bitcoin, The United States, The U. And so, after the phenomenon of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings, as one of the expressions of tokenomics, and all the subsequent events such as the emergence and development of DAOs, Decentralized Finance DeFithe explosion of Non-Fungible Tokens NFTsand new categories such as play-to-earn and the metaverse, all may find a major boost to their affirmation in

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In that eclipse chart, Venus and Mercury were also in the sign of Leo in the sky. Venus-Neptune opposition indicates idealisation, disappointment and dissolution with money. People are more likely under this confusing and deceptive influence to fall victim. When I was writing this article, Saturn just about to change signs into Capricorn, its ruler. European Union states and legislators agreed on Dec,15 on stricter rules to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing on exchange platforms for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In the yearly profection chart, profected Moon conjunct natal Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto seems to imply formalization on new digital currencies. When we look at the chart via annual profections, Bitcoin had a ninth place profection year in The planet located in the sign and the ruler become activated. Thus, Mars and Moon were the time lords for that year.

In the solar return of , the ascendant is Virgo; the natal second house is effectively brought to the ascendant, and financial gains will be the area of focus. Virgo intercepts both 1st and 12th and bringing 12th house issues into the fore. Hidden matters and loses may stand out more with this solar return. Natal Saturn also conjunct the degree of SR ascendant that may impose limitations and less freedom of movement.

SR Saturn is in partile conjunction with natal Pluto. Governments may impose heavy burdens that greatly restrict Bitcoin. The symbolism of the new solar return can be felt as much three months before the solar return. From October, 4 Bitcoin is influenced by the new solar return as well. Bitcoin will move into a tenth place profection year in Thus, Venus will be the time lord for that year.

As Venus is well-situated natally, it may go well for Bitcoin. Natal Venus conjunct also SR part of fortune. The ruler, planet of expansion Jupiter conjunct Mars. Mars is well-placed in SR It is in 2nd, in Scorpio. This indicates investors passion for financial gain and demand will increase. But then, Venus, ruling the 2nd is in the same sign with its ruler Saturn, conveying the connection between the two which restricts financial gains through regulations.

We witnessed significant activity when Saturn made Capricorn ingress on Dec, Saturn sextile Venus which is at 00 Pisces. Another major aspect these days is Pluto square MC. Bitcoin has also a Plutonic nature. In SR chart, there is a stellium in Capricorn. The year lord Venus is also in Capricorn.

It will be determinative of its permanence. There will be a lunar eclipse on Jan, 31 at Leo that conjuncts ascendant degree. Saturn will conjunct Mars also end of June and early November next year. Saturn will square Moon end of January, mid of July and end of October in So, there is the possibility here of some sudden fact. We have already witnessed sudden gains.

Some astrologists have applied their talent for interpreting the meaning of celestial movements to the earthly activities of various financial markets, and a few have focused their attention on astrology as it applies to Bitcoin. After all, there are similarities between the practice of astrology and the technical analysis of assets. Both gather historical data to locate patterns that have already occurred.

Then, the information is used to predict how patterns will play out in the future. Some of the most interesting Bitcoin astrology predictions have already come to pass, and that has current investors curious about what else the stars have to say. For Altman, moving from financial astrology to Bitcoin astrology was a natural progression. She chose TikTok to share her Bitcoin astrology predictions, and she has become an inspiration to her 1.

When astrology is applied to people, the date and time of birth is the most critical factor. These facts make it possible to see how celestial activity will impact the life of a person. The same concept applies to cryptocurrency.

In the case of Bitcoin, the genesis block is used in place of birth date, so Bitcoin — created January 3, — is a Capricorn. In early January , Altman made a tangible Bitcoin astrology prediction. She said that Bitcoin would see a bit of a drop based on the positions of Saturn and Mercury, but the dip would be short-lived. The positions of Jupiter and Pluto supported the likelihood that Bitcoin would rebound and see an impressive bull run.

It kept on its upward trajectory into April, nearly doubling its value. In fact, her first horoscope website launched in , and her current site — jessicaadams. She has published books related to astrology in addition to her novels. In , Adams started a YouTube channel to better connect with her followers. Adams has made a number of Bitcoin astrology predictions in recent years. Nakamoto has given a date of birth of April 5, One of the most often cited predictions is her May statement that Bitcoin would crash in May

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