Football betting lingo

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football betting lingo

Dime – A “dime” or “dime bet” is slang referring to money. A dime, in betting circles, refers to exactly $1, Juice – A term that refers to. Stands for a draw in a 1x2 bet such as those on full time results football matches. 1 = home win, X = draw, 2 = away win. Bet Types. Action – A bet or wager. ONEPLACE BETH MOORE ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE

A Accumulator: A parlay bet in North America, accumulator wagers consist of two or more selections and each side must win or push to create a winning ticket. Action: Any live wagering option or the total amount wagered on a specific event.

Bookmakers accept action on all posted betting odds. Across the board: Three horse racing bets that cover a horse to win, place and show. Added game: Appear on betting boards after main lists are posted. They are common in college football and mainly appear due to public demand. An added game may also be a postponed match, like a rainout in baseball, from the previous day.

AET odds: After extra time AET odds are posted primarily on soccer matches when extra time is added at the end of regulation time due to in-game stoppages. AET odds are offered as live betting options. Alternate lines : Odds that are higher or lower than the main posted line. Common with point spread and game total betting in basketball and football. American moneylines posted at are the same as 1. Ante-post: Futures odds on horse and greyhound races that are posted at least one day prior to a race.

Ante-post odds are common on Triple Crown races like the Kentucky Derby. Arbitrage: Often shortened to ARB, arbitrage wagering is a betting style where all possible outcomes of a single game are covered. ARB betting options are rare and arise when sportsbooks have varying opinions on the proper odds for a match.

Asian handicap: Most common in soccer, Asian handicap odds start at 0. Bettors may have a choice between Las Vegas as a Australian Open: First of four women's and men's Grand Slam tennis tournaments that are played over two weeks in mid-January. If Baltimore is up , as a point favorite, Cleveland bettors earn a backdoor cover if the Browns score a late touchdown to make the final score in favor of the Ravens.

Bad Beat: Players experience a bad beat when a wager is on the verge of winning but then becomes a losing ticket. A bad beat will often occur when points are scored late in a match. Players who bet on game totals, point spreads and money lines will experience a bad beat from time to time. Bankroll: Money set aside, or deposited into an account, that is used for betting.

Bankroll Management: Much like managing a personal bank account, bettors should practice proper bankroll management. Setting wagering limits, shopping for the best odds value, plus only wagering what one can afford to lose, are keys to properly managing a sports betting budget. Beard: A bet runner who places wagers for professional bettors so they can conceal their identity from bookmakers. Belmont Stakes: Third jewel in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. Bet: Any wager involving money wagered at a sportsbook, casino, racebook or poker room.

An exchange posts bets with two sides and the betting option remains listed until both sides are bet on. Betting exchanges profit by taking a small commission juice from winning tickets. Betting strategy: Various plans that bettors use to get a leg-up on bookmakers. Primary betting strategies should include proper bankroll management and performing extensive research prior to placing wagers. Book: Short for a bookmaker or sportsbook that posts odds and accepts bets.

Bookie: Short for a bookmaker. Bookmaker: A licensed individual who sets daily betting odds and accepts bets. Also known as a linemaker. The series is run at a variety of race tracks. Buy points : Bettors can buy points, using alternate point spreads and game totals, to gain a more favorable line.

Juice attached to the odds increases with each point purchased. Chalk: Another term for favorite. Los Angeles is the chalk side if the Lakers are a -3 point favorite over the Houston Rockets. Chalk bettor: A player that bets on favorites with the majority of their wagers Circled game: Matches that have set betting maximums, which are capped at low amounts. Games are usually circled when bookmakers face unknowns such as player injuries, weather or rumors that surface prior to a match.

Opening odds and prop options are often circled as well. Closing line: The final betting odds posted prior to the start of a competition. Co-favorite: Two or more sides with identical odds to win. Common with futures odds, bookmakers may post co-favorites to win the NBA Finals championship. Combine: A series of fitness tests that help scouts from professional teams evaluate amateur athletes.

Commission: Another term for vigorish and juice, commission is the bookmakers take on any bet. It is also the amount a betting exchange takes from winning wagers. Correct score: Bettors are offered a list of possible final scores on a match. In soccer, players can bet on a match ending as low as or as high as plus all scores in between. The most likely result is the favorite and the least likely result is the underdog.

New England winning over Miami means the Patriots would cover a point spread. Dog: Short for underdog, a dog is perceived as the least likely side to win and is tagged with plus pricing. Bettors often double their bet when they feel one side is vastly superior to another. Double result: A single betting option that combines the score of a game at halftime and the score at the end of the same game. Double-header: Two games that are played back-to-back on the same day.

Most common in baseball, a double-header will often take place if a game from the previous day was rained out. Draw: Any contest where the final score ends in a tie. January 7, am Updated Odds for a sportsbook in Las Vegas. Getty Images Want even more betting news? Against the spread — The result of a game including the point spread. Book Sportsbook — A place where someone can bet on the outcome of sporting events. Chalk — The favorite in a game. Consensus — Percentage of the betting public on each side of a game.

Cover — The betting outcome on a point spread bet. For a favorite to cover, it must win by a number higher than the spread. An underdog can cover by losing by a number less than the spread or by winning the game outright. A sportsbook in Las Vegas. Getty Images for William Hill U. Edge — The advantage a bettor has before a bet is placed. Favorite — A team favored to win a game. Handle — The total amount of money wagered on a game.

Handicapping — Researching sports statistics to pick winners. Hedging — Betting opposite of a previous bet to guarantee winning at least a small amount of money. Hook — A half-point in the spread In-game wagers — Bets made after a game started. Juice — A commission books win on each bet. Limit — The maximum allowed wager on a single bet. Lock — A large favorite. Long Shot — A large underdog.

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Bank Bet Banker bets are bets on hot favourites and therefore are expected to bring some profit. In systematic betting, the banker is a choice that must win to guarantee a return. Offers higher returns than singles and better chances of winning than cascading accumulators, doubles, or simple doubles, used by a large number of sports bettors today. Double Chance Bet Double chance betting is usually deployed by bettors who like to support the loser, and its main feature is that it covers two out of three possible outcomes.

By getting a double chance on a team, you will win the same amount of money if your team wins or if they tie, meaning that only the team you support will lose if the team you support loses. If a bettor backs a team in a tie no-bet market, his bet will win if his team wins, and in the event of a tie, the full bet will be refunded. Dutch Dutching is a betting system used to cover multiple competitors in an event, ensuring that each of these bets guarantees the same profit while eliminating major losers.

This is most often used in horse racing, when bettors are betting on a horse to win or position usually top 3. In European Handicap, one of the two teams has the advantage before the game, but there are still three possible outcomes — home win, draw and away win. Players only need to win all other bets with odd odds or higher to stay green, so betting on even odds can be a safe way to make steady profits exact or perfect Exact or perfect, usually used in horse racing, where the punter must correctly choose the order of first and second place.

Fixed Odds Betting Fixed odds betting is the process of placing bets on pre-determined odds, which means you know exactly how much money you can make when you place your bet. No matter how much the odds fluctuate after you place your bet, your potential return will not change. Prediction betting is usually taken as a direct bet on the outcome of a football match, where bettors usually predict that two teams will finish first and second respectively in a major league or competition.

The logic is that in the end the bet will win, and in addition to winning, the lost money will also be earned back. Outright betting is usually placed before the start of the season, but can be placed even during the game. Instead of guessing the correct amount for the aforementioned events, they have to guess whether the final amount will exceed or fall below the line set by the bookmaker. Closing Line Odds are dynamic in nature. To avoid this, you can settle using the closing line.

Odds are posted by bookmakers before the game, which is generally fixed till some news is announced of player injuries or line-up announcements, the weather, and all other considerations that could lead to fluctuations in the odds.

Odds change throughout the game given how it progresses, right up till the end of the game. To avoid this problem, one can select the odds before the game as the final odds to avoid the risk of fluctuations. This is called a closing line. Point Spread Point spread betting is usually used in high scoring games such as Rugby and American Football, cricket and basketball.

Placing a bet on Liverpool to win against Wimbledon would require Liverpool to win by more than two goals for the bet to pay off. Placing a bet on Wimbledon would require for the team to win or lose by a minimum 1 point. Losing by 2 points ends in a push and losing by more the bet is a loss.

After watching this the underdog might sound appealing as Liverpool needs to win by more than 3 goals without Wimbledon scoring any goal, something hard to accomplish in football even if you got a super player team. Wimbledon could just post most of its players on its goal area and keep the scoring low.

This is where your handicapping skills come into play… What is more likely to happen? How does the Wimbledon coach usually respond to superior teams as a visitor? Do they get at least a scoring player? Is Liverpool strong on its offence this season? These are the questions that sports bookers do to themselves for determining odds. These should be the questions you should be doing to yourself as well.

In terms of developing a handicapping system, there are several computer handicapping software that could come in handy. Sportbooks use the point spread to even up the chances of a bettor winning or losing with either team and necessary in order to create liquidity. Similarly, if you are betting on Portsmouth you can win the bet if Portsmouth loses by less than four goals. Understanding the Push in Point Spread Bets Sometimes bookmakers in order to avoid a push place the odds in decimal points, here Liverpool will be given an odd of So bettors can win the bet if his team manages to win the match, which is basically a money line bet.

Money Line bets or Point Spread bets — Which is better? Money Line Bets are easier to bet on because you just need to trust you instinct on who the winner is going to be. The one major difference between the two is Money Line offers a bigger reward for the underdog but with bigger odds of losing, and a smaller reward for the favourite but with less risk of losing the bet.

All you have to do is bet on whether the total score of the match will be OVER a certain number of goals or UNDER a certain number of goals; this is the sum of all goals made in the match, not just one team.

Simple, right? Over-under bets have been gaining huge popularity in recent years because all bettors have to do is correctly predict the number of goals in the match and decide if they want to be under or over that number. An average football game has somewhere between 2. In the English Premier League, it was approximately 2. Oddsmakers usually set the line at 2. The odds of the game are not dependent on whether Chelsea manages to beat Bolton but how many goals are gonna be scored in the match.

You will win the bet and get your investment plus the profit back if the scoreline was Liverpool Manchester United. If you had bet on Over 3. The bet would be also lost if the scoreline was , and you will win the bet if the scoreline was Like any other betting format such as point spread and money line, Total or Under Over has its own risks, deciding to use it is totally dependent on the comfort of the bettor.

Some bettors specialize on scores, other on who will win or lose and others on the players of the match.

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