Vassallo arguello davydenko betting

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vassallo arguello davydenko betting

A match involving Martin Vassallo Arguello and Nikolay Davydenko was investigated for betting irregularities. (AFP). Share this article. Tennis: Betfair is to investigate suspicious circumstances involving betting on the match between Nikolay Davydenko and Martin Vassalo. Nikolay Davydenko vs Martin Vassallo Arguello head to head stats and betting tips. Make a free bet now at the best odds with our virtual game & odds checker. DUTCHING FOOTBALL SYSTEM BETTING

That day the No. Enough that people at the exchange took notice and forwarded the information to the Association of Tennis Professionals ATP. In the second set, Dvaydenko began receiving medical treatment for foot and ankle pain and losing a lot of points. He ended up losing the set and eventually retired in the third game of the third set. More On This Verdasco ousts Nadal in 1st round of Australian Open in five-set heartbreaker Betfair voided all bets on the match, and the ATP gathered a group of investigators to look into the matter.

After more than a decade of silence, the scandal broke Monday when the BBC and BuzzFeed News published reports alleging that tennis authorities have repeatedly ignored widespread evidence of match-fixing. They say the accusation involves dozens of players, 16 of which who have ranked in the top 50 over the past decade. They found a number marked "Davydenko", suggesting the players might have been in contact, but couldn't prove it.

Mark Phillips, one of the members of the team who looked into the Davydenko-Vassallo match, said, "In almost 20 years of working in the betting industry I have never seen a match or a race at such unrealistic odds," according to the BBC. It also claims that one player currently participating in the Australian Open is suspected of repeatedly fixing the first set of matches.

Beyond that core group of 16, the report says that 70 names appear on nine leaked lists of suspected fixers over the past decade. A separate BuzzFeed analysis into betting patterns also identified 15 players who regularly lost matches in which lopsided wagering appeared to shift the odds, which it calls a red flag for possible match-fixing.

The report details how gambling syndicates in Russia and Italy have made hundreds of thousands of pounds placing highly suspicious bets on matches, including ones at Wimbledon and the French Open. What started all of this? A large number of bets were placed on Arguello, even as Davydenko won the first set and took the lead in the second.

The Betfair gambling exchange in London took note and alerted officials. Betfair voided all bets on the match, and an investigation followed. Has that review cleaned up the sport? According to the report, no. What do tennis officials have to say about all of this? In its investigations, the Tennis Integrity Unit has to find evidence, as opposed to information, suspicion or hearsay. This is the key here: that it requires evidence.

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Both players have claimed they are innocent. Vassallo Arguello won when Davydenko retired, citing a foot injury. Betfair is one of the few wagering houses that pays on incomplete matches. The ATP's investigators have been granted wide-ranging powers in the search for evidence. The ATP's anti-corruption code allows for players, agents, trainers and relatives of the players to be called to give evidence.

The British Horseracing Authority has been drafted in to help tennis officials as the investigation deepens. Betfair became alarmed when several huge bets were placed on Davydenko to lose. But at roughly the same time Davydenko was preparing to walk off the court in Sopot, defeated, managers at Betfair were struggling with a decision unprecedented in the company's seven-year history.

Just before 4 p. It means that the betting wasn't fair. Two days after the Sopot match, the ATP launched a formal investigation into the betting. The tennis world hasn't been the same since. Several players have come forward in the past six months with stories that they have been offered money to throw matches.

Amid the fallout, Davydenko has become the headline figure in a full-blown betting scandal. He told ESPN, through an interpreter, that he never has been approached to fix a tennis match. Since early August, his camp has been highly critical of the way the ATP has conducted its investigation. Known for playing one of the most grueling schedules on the ATP tour, Davydenko, by early August, was on a nasty losing streak.

In the three tournaments leading up to the Sopot match, he suffered consecutive first-round losses, all on clay, all against lower-ranked opponents. Davydenko says that beyond his family, the only person he told about his sore foot prior to the Sopot match was ATP trainer Christiaan Swier. There was no sign of trouble on the court for the world's fourth-ranked player through the first set. He easily won it But early in the second set, Davydenko began receiving treatment on his left foot.

With his shoe off, shaded from the August heat by an umbrella, he winced as Swier massaged the base of his left big toe. Will it get worse or not? Davydenko's attorney, Immenga, questions whether Swier somehow tipped gamblers to the player's injury. The training room is not a closed environment. According to an official injury report from the Orange Prokom Open, Davydenko's foot pain was due to "overuse during match play. But it appears, from his record on the court immediately after the Sopot match, that he recovered fairly quickly.

The week after retiring against Vassallo Arguello, Davydenko beat two players ranked in the top 30 at the event in Canada, the same event where Leitgeb says Davydenko was diagnosed with a stress fracture. Two weeks later, Davydenko was healthy enough to make it to the semifinals of the U.

Open before he lost to Roger Federer. Bell, the super punter, questions Davydenko's explanation of the events in Poland. To Bell, the real story is in the Betfair marketplace, where odds shift and players rise and fall like commodities on a stock exchange. Please match me. Davydenko dismisses them as "ridiculous" and "laughable. Leitgeb points to the fact that Davydenko moved to Germany at age 12, saying, "He's more German than Russian.

Instead, more than six months later, Davydenko remains under a cloud of suspicion in the minds of many tennis fans. He adds that he is angry the ATP investigation has taken so long. The ATP responds by pointing out that Davydenko's ongoing refusal to turn over the phone records of his wife and brother has delayed the outcome of the investigation.

Davydenko released his personal phone records to investigators in early December. Certain people placed those bets. We need to try and connect those dots. Were they related? How were they related? While Betfair and the men's tennis tour won't comment on specific details of the investigation, Betfair says it has a general "know your customer" policy and so knows the identities of the people who open accounts with the site.

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